Interested in Walking?

At Wellness Begins at 40, we are great believers in getting out into the great outdoors. Whether you call it trekking, rambling or hiking we firmly feel that walking is a wonderful way to see a country.

Walking Benefits

The benefits of frequent, low-impact exercise are clear for all to see. There is nothing much better than taking a brisk walk for getting the circulation going.

Rambling Holidays

But it can be much more than a good form of exercise. Whether you are trekking in Nepal, or participating in Walk the Rock in Lanzarote, taking things at a slow pace can be a great way to fully soak in what is around you. On these pages, you will find lengthy pieces about our rambles around the UK and elsewhere in the world, as well as frequent updates on the best offers on walking holidays.

Walking Boots

Of course, it is essential that you wear the right equipment when trekking. In addition to having a good map, water, torch, sun block and raincoat, make sure that your boots are comfortable before you set off. There is nothing wore than having a pair that rubs. Sometimes these boots aren’t made for walking – at least not for you.