Interested in Food?

One of the best ways of getting an understanding of a country’s culture is trying the local food. Whether it is bun cha in Vietnam, or cinammon buns in the Caribbean, you will get closer to your hosts if you eat what they do.

Food Tours

Organised food tours are a simple and affordable way to sample the local cuisine without biting off more than you can chew.

Food Festivals

Alternatively, coincide your trip with a local festival and you will soon realise how important a role what – and how – you eat plays in determining local culture. Whether its Lincolnshire sausages, Catalan spring onions, Dresden stollen, or Cheng Chau buns in Hong Kong, people have a tendency to celebrate what they eat in wonderful ways.

Christmas Markets

At no time is this more in evidence than in the build up to Christmas, when people bulk themselves up on savoury and sweet fare, washed down by mulled wine in the most wonderful gastronomic celebrations.