Interested in Glamping?

Glamping is retiring to your yurt at Glastonbury while everyone else is floundering in the mud, a glass of prosecco in hand. As we get older, we tend to become a trite softer. While in our teens we might have relished the prospect of cracking the ice from the wash basin in the communal toilet in a campsite after a sleepless night in our ‘two-person’ tent, in our more mature years we crave for a bit more creature comfort.

Glamping UK

Which is why glamping was invented. While we object intrinsically to the merging of two perfectly acceptable words into one less so, the word does rather successfully convey the smugness of the image conjured in our introduction. It also has really taken off with it almost impossible to find accommodation within solid walls during the UK summer.

Glamping Pods

Although the normal habitat of the glampee is the pod, in fact there are many alternatives such as the yurt – so long as you are not actually in Central Asia – and tree houses. Whether it proves a passing fad only time will tell, but it sure does beating cracking the ice in wash basins.