Interested in Wales?

When asked on my first visit to the United States where I came from, I responded Wales. “That’s in Scandinavia, right?” my interrogator replied.

Somehow, I think little has changed in the intervening two decades, with the Principality disappearing under the shadow of its Celtic brethren Scotland and Ireland, which is a great pity as the country has much to offer travellers to the UK.

Wales Rugby and Song

The country is largely known for its rugby team and singing exploits, as well as the odd actor. However, in our humble – and totally biased -opinion the country has some of the most wonderful castles in the UK as well as offering fantastic walking opportunities.

Wales Beaches

Perhaps more surprisingly, the country also has pristine, unspoilt beaches, although perhaps you should skip a late nigh Winter’s dip.

Wales Flag and National Anthem

In addition to the most rousing national anthem in the world – arguably after La Marseillaise – it also has a great flag with a real red dragon on it. So what more could you ask for from such a small county with a population of just over 3 million.

Wales Hotels

If you are looking to book a holiday in the Principality, consider our Hotel Booking Portal to secure your accommodation.