Interested in Meditation?

Since antiquity, meditation has traditionally been practiced in religious contexts only. But whether you subscribe to one of the world’s traditional belief systems, to New Age spiritualism, or to nothing at all, the practice has grown increasingly popular the world over and has become accessible to anyone, while its benefits are finally recognised by western health systems.

Meditation holidays

Gone are the images of bearded men sitting cross-legged in isolated mountain caves. From free mindfulness classes in Buddhist monasteries popular with backpackers to the most trendy wellness resorts on exclusive beaches, the industry of relaxation is as diverse as its practitioners.

Meditation mindfulness

The technique of mindfulness is arguably the most popular relaxation technique in the West, and just like in Life itself, living in the present will help you get most out of your travels.

Meditation benefits

With benefits such as stress reduction, improving sleep and lowering blood pressure, set aside some quiet contemplation time on your next holiday!