Interested in Climate?

Whether its the rising global temperatures, the escalation of natural phenomenum, such as the wildcat fires in Australia and Greece, storms in the Caribean or Spain or Philippino volcano eruptions, climate change is destined to be an issue that will be front page news for the forthcoming decades.

Climate Change News

Perhaps you don’t agree with climate strikes or, like a certain president, deny that there is a climate emergency, but there is a strong and growing body of scientific evidence out there that would suggest theat climate change is real.  At Wellness Begins at 40 we bring you news and opinion on the climate debate, and its impact on the future of our planet.

No Fly Movement

One of the major drives – certainly in the travel sector – is the movement towards a No-Fly policy or Flight Shaming or Flygskram depending on where you come from. We even have our own guide to carbon offsetting. Should we take a train or a plane on our next holidays?

A Plastic Free Future

However, grave the situation on land, arguably it is even more perilous at sea. The vast quantity of single-use plastic that finds its way into the rivers and ultimately oceans of the world is having a lasting and damaging effect upon our planet. Many countries and islands, such as Aruba, are taking a positive action to reverse this trend by banning the use of single-use plastics upon their shores.

Is Climate Change Real?

The answer, we feel, is yes. What is most important is that we act now to rectify the errors of the past – and present – to secure the future for our forthcoming generations. Let’s just hope it is not already too late.