Interested in Luxury?

Luxury can be defined as an experience of great comfort and elegance; it can be expensive or difficult to obtain.

Luxury Holidays

Villas and up market hotels are available all over the world, sometimes in exotic locations, with haute cuisine and various spa treatments to pamper the senses. However, it can just involve sitting in a sheltered, isolated place with a good book and no internet. This, unlike its much more expensive five-star alternative, can also be difficult to obtain. Both of course are very special.

Luxury Fashion

The famous fashion houses of Milan, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, New York and Madrid are all sought after by royalty, the uber-rich and wealthy celebrities. Competition is rife by those with bulging wallets for the most elegant and original outfits, sometimes paying thousands of pounds or dollars for the privilege. Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry accessories cost a small fortune and seem to be a must for those wanting to be noticed in a crowd.

Luxury Island Retreats

If complete privacy in an exotic setting is required and the bank balance is no problem then many luxury resorts offer perfect seclusion, many of which have projects to protect the local marine life and support local communities. Several Caribbean Islands are also for sale if money really is no option, but could it become a tad boring?