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Does Wellness Begins at 40 accept guest posts?

Yes we do accept guest posts on our travel blog as long as they meet our quality and contributor guidelines. Please contact us at [email protected] with your guest post enquiry and you can become a contributing writer.


Are there any fees for publishing guest posts?

Yes we do charge a fee for publishing guest posts. This is normal for publishing on guest posting sites. We hope you will find it cost effective as you will get marketing benefits from publishing on our website. Please contact us at [email protected] to enquire about costs.


Write for us! Contributor guidelines for your guest post

We require you to follow the following guest posting guidelines when you contribute to our site:

  • The guest post article must be well written.
  • The guest post must use British English.
  • The guest post must be 100% original content. We do not accept syndicated, plagiarised or copied posts, or any content that has also been posted elsewhere. Please notify us if this is the case with your post.
  • The guest post must be a minimum of 300 words, ideally around 500 words.
  • Your images must be accompanied by a commercial use licence, or clearly sourced from websites that allow commercial use such as Unsplash. If we are unsure about your images we will source replacements from our usual stock photo sources.


What kind of guest posts are acceptable to contribute to our site?

We accept most guest posts as long as they are for legal and ethical businesses. If it is not legal in the UK, then we won’t accept it.

We prefer guest posts that relate to the travel industry, but we understand that clients in other industries also want to publish guest posts too. In those cases it always helps to try and tailor your guest post to make it relate to travel, since that is the focus of our website. Contact us at [email protected] if you are not sure or if you have any questions about whether your content is acceptable.


What is guest posting?

Guest posting is when you write for us and we publish your article on our website. You write an article about your business, product or service, and we will publish it for a small fee. You may have read digital marketing articles that advise you about guest post services, guest posting sites, becoming a contributing writer and how to find guest post opportunities.


What are the benefits of guest posting?

Publishing a guest post on our website means your business, product or service will be seen by thousands of our visitors. You will also get a SEO boost from any links contained in the contributed article. This can be a great digital marketing activity for your business. It is especially suited to hotels, tour operators, airlines, restaurants, casinos and other travel related businesses.

We can also publish multiple guest posts at regular intervals to give you an extra boost.


Guest post writers wanted! Submit a guest post to us today

What are you waiting for? Email us at  [email protected] to suggest a post, once we agree on the fees then you can write for us and contribute to our site.


Additional digital and content marketing services

We also offer related services including professional article editing, article writing and social media promotion where we share and boost your article on our social media.

We can write a guest post for you for a service fee. Our professional writers can write a high quality article about your business, product or service and then publish it on our website. Naturally this extra service would incur an additional fee which will depend on the length of the article and how much information you can supply for our writers to work with. Just contact us at [email protected] to discuss your writing requirements.

You can also publish guest posts on our sister publications London Begins at 40 and Cambodia Begins at 40, to inquire about this just email us.



Interested in publishing a guest post on Wellness Begins at 40? Just contact us at [email protected] and send us your guest blog post ideas.