Interested in Ecotourism?

Part of the Wellness Begins at 40 ethos is to support responsible and ethical tourist initiatives, and within this we include ecotourism.

Ecotourism Definition

For us being eco-conscious is not just when the tourist initiative has a minimum environmental impact on the host community, but also when it helps to provide a sustainable livelihood for those within the community that rely upon tourism for their livelihoods.

Plastic Free Movement

One way in which resorts, destinations and even countries can go green is through the banning of single use plastic.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been at the heart of eco initiatives for decades, which is one reason why it the country perennially features on so many travellers’ bucket lists.

Ecotourism Resort

From staying in a yurt in Lanzarote to Nepal’s first tented eco village, Travel Beginsat 40 focuses on the places where you can stay while at the same time do you bit to save the planet for future generations. and while you’re at it, why not carbon offset your trip?