Interested in Germany?

Germany is much more than the sum of all its clichés. It’s a real paradise for hikers and lovers of nature and mountains, as well as a home of vibrant cities with rich histories and thriving urban cultures.

Things to Do in Germany

In this surprisingly versatile country, mountains, valleys and lakes combine with quant villages and romantic castles. Ski in the Alps or visit one of its many Christmas markets in winter, while in summer follow the wine trail in the Moselle valley, hike through the Black Forest or cycle alongside the famous Danube River.

Germany Capital

Having become once again capital after the country’s reunification in 1990, Berlin has grown into one of Europe’s most trendy and vibrant capitals where a thriving modern culture mix with centuries-old history. Kreuzberg is a great district to discover. But there are many other cities worth visiting, from Munich and Frankfurt to Leipzig and Dresden.

German Art and Architcture

One of the most important art and architectural movements in the 20th century was Bauhaus, which had an influence on the country’s industrial landscape at places such as Zeche Zollverein.

Germany Weather

Unsurprisingly for such a large country, the weather is unpredictable. Always check the latest forecasts for the region you plan to visit.

German Festivals

In addition to the Berlinale or Berlin Film Festival, there are a great number of festivals in Germany. One of the most fun is the Cologne Carnival or Fastelovend. Really there is so much to discover in Germany.