Interested in Solo?

With solo travel becoming increasingly popular with both women and men, and the stigma around single holidays largely gone, there’s no reason why not to indulge yourself in total freedom on your next trip. Citing flexibility and wanting to visit destinations that are of no interest to their partner, a third of the over 50s in the UK travel single more than once a year. But also many younger people choose to seek travel adventures on their own.

Solo Travel Holidays

Travelling on your own schedule, focussing on your own interests, enjoying quiet time, and a more favourable reception by locals are some of the advantages of travelling single.

Why Solo Travel isn’t Lonely Travel

With many operators now offering tours especially geared to single travellers and without pricey supplements, joining likeminded single travellers on a tour also offers a great opportunity to share experiences while keeping your independence.

Solo Travel Favourites

The top five popular destinations for travelling alone are Spain, India, Canada, New Zealand and Costa Rica.