Interested in California?

The Golden State is an appropriate moniker for California, which has flourished ever since gold was discovered in 1848, leading to the gold rush and the 49s, which is also the name of the leading San Francisco American Football team. Evidence of the state’s mining heritage abound especially if you head away from the major cities.

California Dreaming

Even before the Beach Boys created their unforgettable sounds, the state has been a dream destination for people looking for some beach and surf, or more recently to try the excellent wines in Sonoma and Napa, as well as the Tri-Valley.

California Weather

The main reason for the state’s success as a tourist destination is its weather. You are practically guaranteed sun on your holidays, and whether you are looking to hike through Yosemite or lazing around on one of the state’s numerous beaches, a touch of sun on your face make things just that much better.

Cities in California

If Los Angeles proves too much for you, then head across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco hugging Route 1 along the way. Few cities in the world compare with San Fran for entertainment, cuisine and practising those hill starts.


Ecotourism is a growing thing in the state, for inspiration, you can read out 11 ways to enjoy California ecotourism.

Wilderness and California Wildfires

But the state is much more than a city break. Head towards the Sierra Nevada and enjoy the clear skies and fresh air of the mountains, just check that the wildfires are not still raging before you head off. There you will discover another side of California that has not changed much in the 170 years since the 49s rolled into town.