Culture & History

Understand your host destination by delving into its culture and history.

Interested in Culture & History?

Culture & history are essential elements of the Over 40 and Over 50 travel experience. Gone have the days when you were content just to lying on the beach, and – perhaps – the kids have trailed off on holidays of their own. At Wellness Begins at 40, our team of expert writers have traversed the globe to bring you their favourite cultural and historical highs – some of which might just take you by surprise. So whether you fancy taking a tour of Florence or visiting the Louvre – the Abu Dhabi one naturally, we have the travel experiences that might just inspire you to go on a trip of your own. From Pittsburgh to Almaty and Cartagena to Oman, we have experienced the world’s greatest festivals and museums, castles and temples. Read our adventures and don’t forget to go on similar ones of your own. Culture, history and the people who have shaped them at travel Begins at 40.